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Case Study 

Client Challenge


Post surgical scars in arms, abdomen, and upper thighs are too tight and restrictive.


Client received a body lift more than a year prior. In various areas the skin had been over edited and there was nothing her surgeon could do to fix the problem. Although she had many conversations regarding the situation she could not find relief. She was also concerned with the look and granular raised feeling of the scars.


In office assessment


What I found was that the scarring in certain areas of the incisions were healing differently than other areas. The tightness that she was experiencing was where a more compacted phenomenon had started to form.

This also explained the look and feel of the scars as well.




My first priority was to release the tightness of the tissue because this was causing a restriction of the blood and lymphatic flow to the surrounding tissue.


My second step was to reduce the general swelling and inflammation that was caused by the surgery. (All surgery causes scar tissue and traumatic body response.) Since it had been such a long time since the surgery, most of this had dissipated but it can take years for this to fully resolve without intervention like our services.


My third priority was to address the visual form of the affected areas. Increasing the visual effects helps a person reconnect emotionally and mentaly with what is perceived as undesirable to them. Having the affected areas look and feel more “normal” makes the client feel happier with themselves and their new body.


All along the process, we focus on encouraging the major systems of the body to optimally function to create an environment within the body to promote healing at the highest levels.




The client was happy because the tightness was fully resolved and the scars looked better and felt smoother to the touch. She was much happier with the results of her surgery as well, now that she could experience the intended results.

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