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Case Study 

Client Challenge


Post surgical abdominal pain


Client years prior had appendix removed. This new laparoscopic procedure left her in pain that the doctor said that she would have to learn to deal with. Much to her dismay the medications had no effect on her discomfort. She was referred to me by a colleague that asked me to take a look.


In office assessment


What I found was a netting of the scar tissue. Internal scar tissue is called adhesions. This type of scar tissue grows and connects throughout an area like spider webs. 


These adhesion bridges connected can cause all kinds of trauma, weight, and pressure that present just as this client presented. When adhesions get very bad and cause intestinal blockages then surgical procedures are required but until then nothing can be done. The problem is that surgery causes adhesions so surgery would not be the right answer to resolve this issue for her.




My first priority was to identify the most affected area. The goal is to get the body to stop the encroachment of the adhesions any further. This first step gave the client relief in a way that she had not had in years.


My second step was to identify the various places that adhesions had affected the area. Again encouraging the body to resolve the encroachment of the adhesions.


My third priority was to sculpt the tissue back into its normal positions so that each portion of the abdomen can resume normal form and function.


All along the process, we focus on encouraging the major systems of the body to optimally function to create an environment within the body to promote healing at the highest levels.




The client was happy because she was able to resume normal activity during and after her treatments.

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