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How Much Would It Be Worth To You If You Could Shave Months Off Rehab?

(Or, eliminate long resting periods?)


A LOT, right? I mean, we're talking time, money, pain & suffering...not to mention CONTRACT leverage if you're an athlete.

The Best Part Is Results From Our Treatments Can Be Seen & Felt Immediately...

> And the benefits are permanent <


Treatments are completely customized to fit your specific needs, schedule, and circumstances.


  • Compliments any therapy or treatment you may be already undergoing

  • No needles or knives (completely non-invasive)

  • Proven, studied, and peer-reviewed science-based approach 

  • Immediate and permanent results guaranteed



Common Injury Areas We Address




Joint issues related to torn tendons, ligaments, meniscus, and support tissue usually result in surgery. For athletes, it usually spells the end of the season, placement on IR, loss of income, and a grueling post-surgery recovery. For some, it means the end of their career.


Major Muscle Groups


Historically, muscle strains and pulls have been treated with heat, ice, massage, and rest. 

Sometimes they never heal completely they have a tendency to flare up, impact performance, and reduce future productivity.

Our unique treatment methods can completely resolve muscle strains in a matter of days with little or no downtime. 

With no future flare-ups, you are able to perform at your highest level when your team needs you the most. 


Repetitive Injury


Repetitive injuries are usually related to another connected area of the body that is out of balance or has become compromised. 

We treat all affected areas so you have complete balance and regain total strength. 

As a result, repetitive injuries like recurring joint sprains, turf toe, and pulled hamstrings are virtually eliminated.


Loss Of Flexibility & Range Of Motion

Repetitive motion, injuries, scar tissue, and the aging process all gradually result in loss of flexibility and reduced range of motion. 

Our process reduces the effects of scar tissue under the skin, revitalizes blood flow, improves lymphatic elimination, improves range of motion, reduces inflammation, and addresses collateral damage to release tension that has built up over time in injured areas.

This gives you the opportunity to continue expanding on these results via exercise and stretching programs.



This Retired NFL Great Addressed Years Of Repetitive Injuries In Order To Maintain


At This Point, You Probably Want To Know More About How Our QuadCore System Works?

What we do is pretty complex, so I'll break it down in non-technical terms the best I can.

If you have been in any kind of physical therapy, you more than likely have had some form of a microcurrent of TENS device, used on your injured area(s). 


These devices have been scientifically proven to improve the natural healing processes. Microcurrent in particular has been reported to improve damaged tissue. 


After diving into the research and matching the practical implementations together we realized that we had hacked the process of healing by identifying the six causes of pain and how we could activate four of the body’s biological systems to improve recovery for old and new injuries.

Using advanced custom application techniques we incorporate healing principles of various proven modalities such as Kinesiology and Chinese Medicine. There are no negative side effects because we work within the confines of the body's natural healing process.

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